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Our business of polishing and buffing metalware had humble beginnings. It used to be a matter of interest for me as a child. I did a great job at polishing all metalware at home.

When I advertised my skills, I used to get odd projects for polishing and buffing work. I took my inclination to the next level by brushing up my skills over polishing and buffing, and set up a business for the same.


Over time, we purchased state-of-the-art equipment for polishing and buffing work. This bought ease to the processes and put us in a position to take up intricate assignments offered by the entities operating in the healthcare and automotive industries.


We are a team of dedicated professionals and thrive in the joy that our customers experience when we deliver the assignments for them. We’d be delighted to be at your service.


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When you get the much-adored showpieces at home polished, it makes your home a delight to be at! Polishing reinstates the essence of metallic decoratives and utensils at home, industrial machinery and tools, furniture, and more! It makes tools and machinery more utilitarian.

Polishing is a dynamic work that calls for refined skillset to deliver prime results. The one-size-fits-all approach does not apply here. Our intricate and versatile polishing services supersede customer expectations time and again.