Titanium Polish Service

Titanium polishing service is a process to reduce cracking and thus increase the brightness of the metal surface made of titanium or titanium alloy. The technology described here is a proprietary electrolytic method (electro polishing) with related technical knowledge of polishing titanium with a high degree of surface smoothness – usually up to the nanometer level.

The Shakil Mohammed titanium polishing method uses chemical baths composed of sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and acetic acid, which may be associated with the addition of a cationic wetting agent – provides better control of the electrochemical process, melting of iron, and low energy use. The process is used primarily for polishing electrodes which require a smooth surface to avoid sparks during operation. However, it can configure chemical baths and electrolytic parameters for other applications without limiting the sample size to be treated.


  • Can polish the metal to the nanometer level
  • Enables active detection of location errors
  • The process can be carried out with low power consumption
  • It creates the appearance of a shiny mirror
  • It provides easy adjustment of clean surfaces with cleanliness due to reduced particle adhesion
  • There is no size limit on the item to be polished
  • It provides metallic purity and chemical passivity

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